Pilates is a popular exercise method for  clients and health practitioners alike due to its focus on muscle control, precision of movement and whole body conditioning.  While offering many benefits, Pilates  particular focus is on engaging the "core" muscles of the back and pelvis - thereby improving overall strength, mobility, function and posture.  Delivered under appropriate guidance, Pilates exercises can be an effective form of injury rehabilitation, assisting with the  restoration of normal functional movement. Pilates may also offer benefits to some spinal conditions and functional movement loss due to the ageing process.



Pilates During pregnancy and after giving birth, women may experience a number of complaints which can be assisted with physiotherapy treatment


We also are able to offer Exercise classes which help to strengthen the pelvic muscles, improve circulation and increase overall comfort during pregnancy.
Enhance postnatal recovery with abdominal and pelvic floor toning.
Exercise in small groups or book your one-on-one training.


At Brisbane Sports & Spinal we offer 30 min private ($80) and semi-private (two people) clinical and pregnancy Pilates sessions ($50pp) with our qualified physios.  

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